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Why PauseCBD?


Pause is a physician owned CBD company that puts quality and customer service above all else. By utilizing the most advanced technology, PauseCBD is extracted from hemp plants grown in premium conditions with minuscule amounts of THC, up to 0.3%. 

Don't take his word for it; see for yourself. Every lot created has its own unique third-party laboratory analysis available through a QR code on each product, unique to that bottle.

Why Dr. Cagle?


With a double major in biology and microbiology, Dr. Will Cagle continued this tradition in medicine and is a double board certified physician. After four years of medical school, an internship, residency and finally, a fellowship, Dr. Cagle was ready to take on the medical realm. 

He has been practicing for over six years at his current position and has spent the last year researching CBD and its mechanism of action. 

Why Now?


Why not? 


Duh. At PauseCBD // WRRC Enterprises LLC, we stand behind our products 100%. But what’s the point of having an awesome product without awesome customer service?

Customer Happiness, well that’s our other priority. 

If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. 

If you don’t like the way you feel, the way it tastes— if PauseCBD // WRRC Enterprises LLC does not meet your expectations, tell us! We want you to send it back within the first 30 days of delivery and either exchange it for another product or receive a full refund. 

Simple, right? 

We like simple. 

Contact Rob at or 706.830.7760 within 30 days of receiving your product shipment. We will email you a label and all you have to do is:

Print it.
Place it. {on your package, but you knew that}
Ship it. 

Once we receive your returned product, a refund will be issued or a new product sent. Check your email for notification of the transaction. 

If you purchased our product through a distributor or retailer, go to the original purchase location for any return or exchange. 

We like you, and want you to like us, too.

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Customer Service Hours

Monday - Saturday: 9AM–5PM

Sunday: 11AM–6PM

Call Rob at 706.830.7760 or email 


We like you. We don’t like paying for shipping. Who does? 

All orders over $19 with PauseCBD // WRRC Enterprises LLC offer free ground shipping within the U.S. 

Orders are typically processed within one business day of receiving. Our elves back at the hollow tree work hard. 

Ground shipping generally takes 3-5 business days from placing an order to arrival at your door. 

If you have additional shipping questions, call Rob at 706.830.7760.

Who we are

Dr. William Cagle, CMO, CQO

Named after his grandfather, Will Cagle grew up on a small farm in South Georgia, outside of Moultrie to be exact. His grandfather died before he was born, and it rested on his father's shoulders to teach him all the important things about life: having a hard work ethic, marrying for love, and putting family before everything else. 

He is the son of a third generation Colquitt County farmer and of the first generation to graduate from college: University of Georgia, class of 2003 with a double degree in Microbiology and Biology. He spent the next four years in medical school with his nose in a book, graduating in 2007 with a residency secured in pediatrics and a new young wife at his side.

In the midst of residency, he met with his advisor and said, "I want to be the guy that always knows what to do. When there is a problem, who does everyone turn to for help?" His advisor smiled and said, "Oh, that's pediatric intensive care. They do it all." The conversation changed his life. Dr. Cagle applied for a fellowship at Children's National in Washington, D.C. and spent the next three years training at one of the best hospitals in the country. 

Cagle is a board certified practicing pediatric intensivist. He and his wife, Rachel, have three children and have been married for over a dozen years.

Mr. Robert Fealko, CFO, COO

"No one works harder than my dad. He gave everything for us. The man spent the majority of my life at one company." It was a subliminal learning experience for Rob: loyalty, honesty, and integrity above all else. 

Rob started in durable medical equipment sales, he quickly worked his way up to become the leader in his division. In less than two years, he was promoted to head management, leading a sales force of his own. Young and determined to succeed, Rob took continuing education classes and business courses to learn more about both medical sales and business administration. With this under his belt, he opened his own company five years later managing finances and operations for almost a dozen small businesses. The work is detailed and time consuming in one of the greatest ways possible: he helps business owners do what they do best while he does what he does best. He has effectively created a niche product: himself.

Rob and his wife, Caty, have been married over ten years and have three children. Known fondly by all the neighborhood kids as "Coach Rob" he is constantly coaching any of his son's sports from baseball to football. Caty is an Occupational Therapist and works with pediatric patients. She and Dr. Cagle have crossed paths on several occasions, working hard together for the benefit of the patient.

"There is nothing better than the school of hard knocks," Rob has said on many occasions. "I wouldn't have the drive that I have and the goals that I have if I had not started with less than nothing. God laid out a path for me and I am doing everything I can to follow it. Without my wife and my children, I am nothing."

Together, Cagle and Fealko have forged  PauseCBD // WRRC Enterprises LLC in a way that sets it apart from the rest: a medical minded physician and a business savvy operator with two basic goals: a top quality product and the best customer service. PauseCBD // WRRC Enterprises LLC is a family business first and foremost with the kids sticking labels on everything from product samples to the bedroom wall.